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Curcar White

Coach/ Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meet Curcar, a seasoned 46-year-old licensed Real Estate Agent, Coach & Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, who has called sunny Florida home for over two decades. With a loving marriage that has stood strong for 20 years and three wonderful boys aged 9, 11, and 15, he knows the importance of securing a bright future. Beyond his family life, Curcar is deeply rooted in his community, cherishing the bonds he's formed over the years.

When he's not assisting his team in navigating the intricate world of real estate, Curcar enjoys immersing himself in the melodies of music, swinging clubs on the golf course, casting lines while fishing, and most importantly, spending quality time with his family and friends. With over 25 years of experience in serving clients within the corporate sector, Curcar's commitment to his business is built on pillars of Dedication, Communication, Determination, and Trust. His ability to adapt and cater to your unique needs ensures that he will not just listen, but truly understand your aspirations and desires, working tirelessly to help you achieve them all. You can trust Curcar to pave the way for your future in real estate, because for him, it's not just business; it's personal.

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